Press and blog details about Electric Cars

Ecotricity and Nissan install car charging points. May 2014

Electric Car Subsidy extended to 2017 - Government launches £500 million fund April 2014

Electric car charging point for North Somerset Feb 2014

Electric Cars in Cumbria to get a £500,000 boost Feb 2014

New Charging Points for North West Railway Stations Feb 2014

Electric Car charging for Slough and Taplow Stations Feb 2014

Charging points for Ashford Kent Feb 2014

Electric Car charging points for Plymouth Station Feb 2014

First Great Western to fit ponts at Chippenham, Pewsey, Trowbridge, Westbury and Warminster Stations Feb 2014

BMW i3 range extender review November 2013

Ikea to install Electric Car Charging points in all stores November 2013

Roundup of driving Impressions BMW i3 August 2013

Nissan investing £420 million in new version of the Leaf. March 2013

New Electric Riva car coming to the UK March 2013

Patrick McLoughlin announced £37 million of government money for Electric Cars February 2013

Electric Car Sales to Double in the UK in 2013 December 2012

Eco-electrics of the Vauxhall Ampera November 2012

Rapid Electric Car recharge points to be introduced on UK motorways Sept 2012

NXR to replace G-Wiz Aug 2012

Ford announce the Electric Focus Aug 2012

Car Review Renault Twizy July 2012

Asian electric consortium to buy Saab June 2012.

Electric Car in Japan increases range to 218 Miles

Renault reveal £13k electric car March 2012

Electric cars to be given free parking in Glasgow. March 2012

Electric Car charging hubs for city car parks in Scotland

Electric Car Wireless Charging trial in London Nov 2011

Renault Fluence ZE - the best pure electric car yet ? Nov 2011

Scottish Government allocates £4.2 million to support use of electric cars Oct 2011

Vauxhall Ampera Green Car of the Year Award September 2011

BMW Concludes Electric Mini Trial August 2011

300 Electric Car Charging Points to be introduced in the Manchester area July 2011

Nissan to Make 50,000 Nissan Leafs in Sunderland June 2011

Nissan Leaf charges into UK car showrooms. March 2011

UK to spend £7bn on electric cars by 2014 January 2011

Oxford's electric motorists can refuel free January 2011

Nine electric cars to Get Subsidies - Electric Cars for sale in the UK December 2010

One in five cars sold in 2016 will be electric, predicts UK's power chief December 2010

London roll out 1300 public charging points November 2010

Building Britain's electric car infrastructure October 2010

Paris auto show: Electric cars create buzz October 2010

New Electric Cars Announced from Volvo and Nissan at the Paris Motorshow October 2010

Renault to sell electric cars for the same price as diesels September 2010

Battery electric Volkswagen Golf review September 2010

Test Driving the new Plug-in Prius September 2010

Low-carbon vehicles, such as electric cars, will be a bigger global market by 2020 than renewable energy. A report by HSBC bank. September 2010

Tazzari Zero electric car comes to the UK September 2010

The Future of Electric Cars and the costs August 2010

£5,000 subsidy to promote electric cars July 2010

Electric Range Rover Capable of up to 200 miles one charge July 2010

The "Smart Ed" Electric Car is "surprisingly good fun" July 2010

Ampera Electric Car arrives at Vauxhall's Ellesmere Port plant June 2010

UK Funding for New Vauxhall Ampera June 2010

Environment worries to lift electric car sales: Reuters Report June 2010

72% of people in North East UK trial said they would use an electric vehicle. May 2010

Nissan Leaf Revue Sun Newspaper April 2010

British Plant To Build Nissan Leaf Electric Ca March 2010

Tesla gets ready as electric cars go mainstream March 2010

£5,000 grant from Jan 2011 to buy plug-in electric cars Feb2010

North East England eyes low carbon future Feb 2010

Electric vehicle grants scheme backfires as taxpayers subsidise £87,000 sports cars Feb2010

expansion for electric car network in the North East UK Feb 2010


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